Download Your Own £33 Million Missing Lotto Ticket Here

Get your very own missing Lotto ticket right here.

Get your very own missing Lotto ticket right here.

Here you can download your very own ‘damaged in the wash’ UK Lotto to claim a whopping £33 Million,which still hasn’t been verified by Camelot.

With this ticket you get:

  • Conveniently missing date
  • Conveniently missing bar codes and important ID numbers
  • Loads of media attention

What you will need…

  • To say it was purchased in Worcester, England
  • To insert into a trouser pocket and place in the washing machine
  • A sob story so people will really want you to claim this prize

Just download, print and make sure you ‘post it’ off to Camelot to stake your claim on that huge life-changing prize.



* Please be advised this is not a genuine ticket!

Written by Jake

Nando's Ambassador and resident blogger for Opinion Machine & Digital Art Mix


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