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If the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Taught Us Anything, It is How Sh**ty Some Human Beings Actual Are!

We will remember…

While the COVID-19 pandemic still is causing misery around the world we have learned a lot from the last couple of years and we will remember how people reacted coped while being ‘locked down.’

The pandemic has affected the whole world! Even if the COVID strain never reached some of those tiny isolated islands it still had a knock-on effect on them because of trade and tourism!

The pandemic really brought out the best and worst in people. So let’s take a look at what we can take in and remember from those awful couple of years…

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We will remember the goodness of people

We will remember those people who did good, the hard work of the Doctors, Nurses and all the other healthcare workers. The key workers who helped keep the country running and the food stocked up. We will remember those people who just went out of their way to help others.

The people who helped the elderly and the vulnerable. They ran errands and collected people’s groceries. We will remember the people who were laid off from their jobs because they could not work from home and volunteered or got new jobs helping in food banks, supermarkets or the hospital.

We will remember the people who raised money for great causes. The people who volunteered to trial the vaccines to help save humanity. The ones who sacrificed seeing loved ones over the holidays to set up the vaccine and test centres and help roll the vaccines outs.

We will remember all the sacrifices people have made and not being able to see friends and loved ones. We will remember those who abided by the rules even though they were inconvenient at times. We thank the people who washed their hands and kept to social distances. The people who wore masks and the ones who got tested and isolated if they had symptoms. We will remember the people who have gone for a long time without seeing their loved ones.

We thank you.

What we also remember are the absolute assholes…

Basically what you can learn from a pandemic is how sh**ty human beings can be!

The ones who wouldn’t social distance. The ones who didn’t wash their hands. The people who refused to wear a face mask to protect themselves and others. The anti-maskers who refused point-blank because it would go against ‘their freedom.’ The ones who made an excuse and lied as to why they couldn’t wear a mask because of their health problems such as asthma or anxiety even though they smoked or vaped.


Getting some people to wear a mask in the pandemic when it is not the law is a lot like the shopping cart test of how sh**ty a human being you are. Do you put the shopping cart back at the end of your supermarket shopping trip? The shopping cart is the ultimate litmus test for whether a person is can be self-governing.

To return the shopping cart is an easy, convenient task and one which we all recognize as the correct, appropriate thing to do. To return the shopping cart is objectively right. There are no situations other than a dire emergency in which a person is not able to return their cart. While it is not illegal to abandon your shopping cart it presents itself as to whether a person will do what is right with being forced to do it. You gain nothing from returning the shopping cart. You return it out of the goodness of your own heart. You must return the shopping cart because it is the right thing to do.

A person who is unable to do this is no better than an animal, an absolute savage who can only be made to do what is right by threatening them with the law and the force that stands behind it.

The shopping cart like the face mask is what determines whether a person is a good or bad member of society!

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We will remember those shitty human beings who had their whole family over their houses in the height of lockdown and those who held illegal parties. The young people who said it didn’t matter because the virus wouldn’t affect them and spread it to the elderly and vulnerable and maybe helped killed their grandparents.

The people who didn’t quarantine when they tested positive for coronavirus and the overseas travellers who returned home and didn’t quarantine even when they arrived from countries that were struck hard in the pandemic.


We will remember the worst of all the people – The pandemic deniers and the anti-vaxxers who really are the trash of all humankind. Saying “You can’t take way out freedom” and “you don’t want to be putting a vaccine in your body as you don’t know what’s in it” while loading their shopping cart with 20 burgers for $2!

We will also remember the shitty retail outlets that profited from the pandemic by increasing the prices of essential items. The people who stockpiled cleaning products, toilet paper, hand sanitiser and food. We will also remember the evil corporations and their owners who have doubled their worth over 2020-21 and not given a cent back to their workers or helped out the communities in a crisis and also evaded taxes as at the same time.

We will remember…

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