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Proof that ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ is on TV 24/7

Love it or hate it’s always on the box.

When there is nothing on the TV I play a little game where I’ll look on the EPG for an episode of BBC’s Homes Under the Hammer!

I love this show and it seems like everybody else does, because the show seems to be pretty much on 24/7 on a channel somewhere on Freeview, Sky or Cable it’s unbelievable!

The show if you didn’t know is a British factual renovation and auction series that originally screens on BBC One as part of the BBC’s morning television schedule and then eventually ends up on other various home related channels. The series has been running since May 2003. It is presented by Lucy Alexander( who has recently quit), Martin Roberts, and now also Dion Dublin.

Love it or hate it’s always on.

A little search…

On BBC One and BBC Two

… It’s on Really

Look at the crazy listings for Home & Health just for One day…

It goes on….

… on Home

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