30 Times Mr Bean Was a Total Jerk and Got Away With it!


It’s been over 30 years since Mr Bean first hit our TV screens.

With numerous episodes, two movies an animated series and video games we thought we’d celebrate this great comedy character by going back over all those sketches and take a look at all the times Mr Bean was a total jerk and got away with it.

First of all, let’s talk about the blue three-wheeler

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The blue Reliant Regal has been part of the Mr Bean universe since the very first scene in the pilot episode and became a running gag throughout the television series. Right from the start, we see Mr Bean is running late for an exam and ends up running the poor three-wheeler off the road. Also in the same episode, he pushed the poor car out of a parking space. In The Trouble with Mr Bean, he again pushes the poor car out of its parking space resulting in the driver getting a ticket. In The Curse of Mr Bean, he races out of the multi-story car park in the wrong lane and knocks the poor car onto its side. In Tee Off Mr Bean the driver offers Bean a lift but he pretends to not see and totally snubs him!

His poor girlfriend

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In Merry Christmas Mr Bean, Bean’s long-suffering girlfriend shows him a ring in the jewellers she would like for Christmas while they are window shopping but he mistakes that for the photograph cardboard stand on the display and gives her that. Seeing she is very upset and just as you think he has brought her the ring it turns out to be a metal hook to hang the cardboard stand on.

While at the cinema in The Curse of Mr Bean he purchases a massive box of popcorn for himself and a tiny one for her and still takes a handful of popcorn from hers and when she tries to do the same to him he stops her.

The many ambulances he obstructs!

In Mr Bean Rides Again When the ambulance arrives to pick up the poor guy who has had a heart attack Bean uses the ambulance battery to jump-start his Mini. Bean drives off and leaves the ambulance disabled due to a dead battery, forcing the paramedics to call for a replacement.

In Goodnight Mr Bean, he arrives at the hospital and parks his car right behind an ambulance, obstructing the rear doors in the process.

The Dentist

In The Trouble with Mr Bean, Bean is inside the dentist waiting room, but can’t find anything good to read other than a Batman comic book which is in the hands of a young boy who refuses to share the book. He tricks the boy’s mother into thinking he has wet himself by pouring water from a vase onto the boy’s lap in order to get the comic.

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Later while messing about in the dentist chair, Bean sucks up the dentist’s cup of tea in the suction pipe and then accidentally jabs the dentist with anaesthetic and knocks him out resulting in him performing his own dentistry while leaving the poor guy unconscious on the floor.

Waiting at the hospital

In Goodnight Mr Bean we see Bean arrive at the hospital with a kettle on his hand Bean gets impatient while waiting in the queue and cheats his way to the front by rudely throwing a little girl’s doll and then starting a fight between two men. After Bean pulls his numbered ticket from the dispenser, he races towards the last remaining chair in the waiting room, sitting down just in time to prevent a frail old man from sitting there. He sits next to a seriously injured female patient (with head wrapped in bandages, and an arm and a leg in plaster), and taunts her by stretching his neck, waving his hands, and crossing his legs. Bean sees his ticket numbered 76 as the digital counter shows 23. Just as Bean checks the time on his watch, he inadvertently reveals his hand stuck in his teapot, prompting the woman at the reception desk and the patient sitting next to him to laugh at him. Annoyed with how long he is forced to wait, Bean then swaps his ticket for a lower-numbered ticket, showing 52, from the severely injured patient, and sneakily turns the digital counter upside down so that 25 will look like 52 which doesn’t actually work out for him.

At the Funfair

In Mind the Baby, Mr Bean, Bean unchains a potentially vicious dog in a pleasure beach full of people all so he can chain up the baby’s pram.

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Also on this episode then decides to temporarily abandon the baby he is now looking after by shoving him in a Postman Pat coin-operated ride and tops it up with quite a fair bit of money leaving all the other parents frustrated as they are all waiting for their children to have a go.

Later he plays a coin pusher arcade machine, but gets annoyed when a kid also starts playing so pulls the kid’s jumper over his head, spins him around and pushes him away!

The exam guy

In the pilot episode of Mr Bean sits an exam but thinks he’s totally flunked it because it’s not the subject he had studied for. He then tries many ways to copy off the student sitting next to him.

The waiter

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In The Return of Mr Bean – Bean goes to a fancy restaurant to celebrate his birthday.He orders what he thinks is a steak but is a Steak Tartare. Disgusted by the meal he tries to hide bits of it around the restaurant including an ashtray, flower vase, in a bread roll, a ladies handbag, and even the violin players trousers who is playing him “Happy Birthday”. Bean then accidentally trips the waiter who drops his plates on Beans table and then Bean blames him for wrecking his meal and spreading his meal everywhere.

The department store

In The Return of Mr Bean, we see Bean visit a department store. Inside he soon begins searching for items to buy, testing them out first, with some done in unusual fashion – he removes a toothbrush from its packet to see how it feels on his teeth then outs it back (gross!), tries on a towel, finds a good peeler by using it on a fresh potato he brought with him and tests two frying pans for size with a raw fish he had inside his jacket. Then he takes the stores telephone because he thinks the display ones aren’t working!

The Christmas Tree

In Merry Christmas Mr Bean, he misses out on the last Christmas trees that are in sale so decides to steal the town’s giant tree in the town square only to chop off just the top and dump the rest of the tree!

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The Carol Singers

Also in the same episode, carol singers visit Bean’s home and he opens up the door and pulls up a chair to listen to them but as soon as they have finished the first song he slams the door shut in their faces!

Ruining the Whistlers Mother painting

In Bean: The Movie he totally ruins the really expensive painting that is about to be exhibited at the art gallery. He then replaces it with a copy and takes the real damaged painting home to England to hang on his wall.

Cheating at the festival

Back to School Mr Bean is probably the episode where Mr Bean is at his worst…

At the start of the episode, he arrives at the school car park to discover there is a car exactly the same as his parked up. He then pushes the car out of its space and while doing this a couple of army guys thinking he needs a push to get his car going so allows them to push it while he runs off. He then parks his car in the vacant space.

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He then stands in the way of people looking at the art exhibits on purpose and scares the calligraphy guy so he ruins all his own work.

He turns a poor kid blue when he messes with the chemicals in the science lab and terrorizes a poor guy in the toilet when they get the wrong trousers in the changing room.

The Summer Fate

While inside the festival he turns off the power to the concentration game and tricks his way to a prize.

If that isn’t bad enough he then plays throwing wet sponges at the old guy in the stocks but when he runs out of sponges he starts grabbing and throwing cans of food from the tombola and even goes to throw a chair before he is stopped!

Entering Teddy in a dog contest

In Hair by Mr Bean of London not only does Bean park his car in a sheep pen that is being used for the fete but he also enters his teddy into the dog talent contest and bizarrely wins because the other dogs are inept and there are no rules which say that a teddy bear can’t enter. The prize for winning is a giant bone which he then tosses into the tent for all the other dogs to fight over!

Using Teddy as a paintbrush

In Do-It-Yourself Mr Bean – Teddy is supposed to be Bean’s companion but he uses him has a paintbrush and also cuts his head off in Mr Bean in Room 426.

Head-butting the Queen Mother

In The Return of Mr Bean ends up headbutting the poor Queen Mother out cold when he bows to her in the theatre.

He harasses a Royal Guard

Goodnight Mr Bean – In order to get a photo of himself with a Queen’s Guard. He dresses the guard up with flowers and other things, trims his moustache (into a toothbrush style, similar to that of Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin) and hangs Teddy off his bayonet. While Bean is doing this, the guard attempts to remain motionless (which proves difficult as especially when Bean starts to dangerously clean the trigger of his rifle).

The little boy’s ice cream

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In Tee Off Mr Bean, Bean’s golf ball from the putting green end up on a poor toddlers ice cream and when the boys mum is not looking he god damn swings the club and whacks the poor little boy’s ice cream into oblivion and then the mum turn around and shout at the boy thinking he’s eaten it all up in one go.

The ladies shopping bag

In the same episode while chasing his ball Bean is determined to keep hitting his golf ball to get it back on the putting range and trashes a poor ladies bag full of groceries in the process.

The sales

In Do-It-Yourself Mr Bean he pushes in at the front of the sales queue making out he is with the first person in the queue only to reveal it’s a fake person made out of balloons. Then he pops the balloons right in front of an elderly couple nearly giving them a heart attack.

Being a jerk to the man at the hotel

In Mr Bean in Room 426 for some reason, he has a beef with the guest who checks in at the same time as himself in the hotel in. For the whole episode when the man appears Mr. Bean is a total jerk to him including…

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Cutting through his hotel room wall to access the poor guy’s bathroom so he can take a bath. In the restaurant, he tries to pile his late up higher than his and then pushes in front of him to get his table. Then he tries to beat the man at eating all his food first but ends up getting sick from eating the rancid oysters.

Stealing the woman’s stamp off her letter

Back to The Curse of Mr Bean, Bean heads to a postbox to post his letter, but on the way, he accidentally swallows his postage stamp. He offers to post a letter for a lady, pretends that he has posted it but hangs on to it until she is gone so that he can use it for his own letter. He removes the stamp using steam from his car radiator and sticks it to his own letter using candy stuck to the inside of his pocket.  The postman arrives to empty the postbox, just as the lady returns to find her letter on the ground. She complains to the postman that there was a stamp on her letter, but now it is gone. Bean hides inside the postbox to avoid getting reprimanded by the postman for the theft of the stamp.


In Goodnight Mr Bean while getting ready for bed instead of just turning the light off he shoots out the light bulb with a handgun. He seems to do this every night as we are shown inside his bedside cabinet which is full of spare light bulbs.


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