Taste Test – Cadbury Darkmilk & Darkmilk Almond

Dark and seducing…

Welcome to another taste test right here on Joyenergizer (Food Goes in Here) and today we are sampling the rather tasty looking Cadbury Darkmilk.

I wasn’t sure what to make of these chocolate bars. I was thinking that they’ve done the awful thing of rebranding the Bournville chocolate bar to try and appeal to more people. But I was totally wrong and very pleasantly surprised.

What’s in it?

The chocolate bar comes in two varieties Darkmilk and Darkmilk with almonds. The packaging is the usual Cadbury styling with a nice dark tint to it.

Where to buy

At the moment I’ve only found them in Tesco and it’s available at the moment at very reasonable price of £1.00 a bar, but I expect when it’s more widely available it will go up to £1.50 or thereabouts.

The taste test

Very rich, velvety and creamy and not bitter like Bournville and other dark chocolate. I could honestly eat this chocolate all day. If there was only one chocolate I could eat forever it would be this. It’s exactly how I want chocolate to taste. It’s pure class.

Once you’ve had a bit you’ll just keep wanting more, but just enough to stop.


Get in my mouth it’s a total winner. Our first chocolate taste test and first top rated chocolate bar in Food Goes in Here. Go try now.


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