Why TV Shows Mustn’t Have Disappointing Endings

It’s important to get it right!

Just like the recent heartbreaking end of the “Game of Thrones”, it’s always sad when a beloved TV series comes to a bittersweet and disappointing end.

Sometimes, if the production department bothers the last episodes to be as epic as the whole series, the right amount of satisfying and justified endings for TV shows felt more like viewer’s own life stories. For a perfect example, “Friends” and “Small Ville” finale is pretty close to the beautiful end of ten years on. Or else, viewers get polarized against classics legendary movies.

Although, sticking to the perfect end is the ideal plan for any production house, some of the biggest TV shows of all time have not managed to pull it off. From a viewer’s perspective, shows need to have inspiring and memorable endings. This helps to make them apply the right things into their daily lives without being negative. Let’s start with the discussion about why TV shows should not have disappointing endings.

Impact of shows in our routine lives

a) Character Attachment

TV shows impact our kid’s character-building a lot. Characters like “Spy kids”, “Avengers” and “Superman” teach them to be strong, independent, helping, and patriotic. Even adults make a connection to some of the fantastic characters because at a corner of their heat, either they idealize them, or they see themselves in them.

b) Learning Positive Deeds

When we ask a teenager what they want to be? They often say doctor, fireman, or a police officer. These jobs inspire them because they see it as role models on many TV shows like “Scrubs”, “Chips”, or “Friends”. Learning good deeds from a role model helps them in decision making and encourages them to be a better person for society.


c) Exposure of Practical Solutions

Remember the time when we are badly stuck with an issue and are unable to find an answer? Suddenly when watching a favorite TV show, something clicks our mind and we say YES! Why I have not to think of it before! It’s not magic, it the solution that you were searching for and just found it. Thanks to your show’s character and scriptwriter.

7 Reasons why endings should not be disappointing

1. Low Business

This reason fits more to movies instead of shows, not every movie is as lucky as “Infinity War” to gage the love of an audience with an incredibly awful ending. But some films and shows like “Star Trek Enterprise” or “Pretty Little Liar” have got considerable damage to IMBD because of their unexpected negative conclusions. Many Star Trek fans have opposed the show and are now considered to impact on the fourth movie in the next generation series.


2. Fans May Get Psychological Issues

Many fans of such blockbuster series are diehard fans of characters and stories. Just like “Vampire Diaries”, “Dexter”, and “Twilight” series, people are mad about the shows, and some may start fantasizing their relationships, daily routines, even choices for life. A disappointing ending to these shows can negatively impact the mindset of these highly involved fans. On a high level of involvement, people may get psychological issues and rarely, but possibly they may get to commit suicides or harm themselves as well.

3. Disrespect of the Actor

We have the perfect example of “How I Met Your Mother” and “Two and a Half Men” for evaluating the impact of a bad ending on the actor’s image playing those characters. “Fans get crazy, and they often make them angry, and in worst cases, they can be dangerous for actors as well” says Richard – Digital Marketing Head at Premium Jackets. They don’t realize that an actor is just playing the part of a compelling character, and it is a demand for the script. This practice is common that a character’s on-screen methods make a god or a bad image for the actor that is embossed in the minds of viewers for the long run.

4. Trust Issue Among Writers & Producers

As mentioned above, a disappointing ending can damage the economic aspect of the show. Hence investors and production houses can get insecure working with the same story or scriptwriter again. This can be more damaging to the career of a writer, then the producers itself because money can be earned, but trust cannot be made quickly. Team of creative writing at KingEssay believes that a writer should be cautious enough to consider all the possible outcomes before reaching the end of a beloved and popular story.

5. Time Wastage v/s Entertainment

As we all know, TV shows are made for entertaining, inspiring, and to be loved by the viewers, not to waste their time and get criticized. An unexpected sad ending can lead people to think that they have wasted all of their precious time watching the whole series and they instantly forget all of those good and happy moments that a show has given them previously. “Game of Thrones” is yet the best example for this.


6. Unexpected Ending Impact Negative on the Viewer’s Mind

Just like triggering psychological behaviors among fans, a disappointing ending can negatively impact the mind of viewers. As we take the example of “True Blood” in which the epic romance ended with the killing of Bill by Sookie. No one can kill his or her loved ones in such a disastrous way. The ending created a wave of grief among fans that may lead never to watch a show like that again.


7. Injustice End Provokes Outrageous Behavior

Everyone is aware of “Dexter’s” ending as by not killing him for justice and pushing him out of Miami have given an impression to the audience that his story may continue to some other place. “X-files” is another example. Both of them are considered as the worst ending ever in the history of the respective channels.



Hence, as we have discussed that an inspiring ending is not just essential to involve fan, but it is also significant for actors, writers, and production houses as well. A disappointing end is unexpected and can harm the feelings of people due to the attachment and affection. It is highly recommended to end the story with a beautiful, honest, and inspiring turn to make it memorable in the mind, heart, and playlists of viewers forever.

Written by John William

John William is a passionate writer and he loves to explore new places and civilizations. He is a road out traveler and is fond of exploring current trends and life motives. He is currently working as a Lifestyle Blogger at FreeEssayWriters.

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