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Why Worry About Climate Change When the Earth is a Spinning Ball of Shit!?

Is it really worth saving?

Here we are trying to save the planet from climate change, but deep down do we really need to save the our beloved Earth when it is really a spinning ball full of absolute shit?

Arguments why not to bother saving the world are…


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Let’s get these assholes out of the way first. Aka the bane of humanity. We’ve spent decades eradicating deadly diseases only for these brain dead f**kwits to decide to not vaccinate their children and now those deadly diseases have made a comeback. All because some whacko and people like Jenny McCarthy said these life-saving shots caused autism, which has been scientifically disproven over and over and over.

The Culture of Returning Clothes


Basically this is the scumbags who order clothes from online stores and catalogues, wear them out and then send them back as returns. Can you believe that dirty bastards do this? They order an expensive dress and wear it out for an evening and get up to who knows what and then return it back to the retailer saying it doesn’t fit. This kind of shit has seen retailers like ASOS nearly go out of business because they have to expand their fulfilment centres to cope with all the returns.


If you don’t know what ASMR is then it stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response which is basically people whispering shit and it relaxes or turns people on and they get paid for this. So, just let that sink in while you struggle to pay the bills and buy food just remember there are people out there getting paid to whisper!


In the old days if you were the unfortunate victim of a prank then maybe a handful of people would have seen how you got pranked and it would have been forgotten about. Nowadays it’s all pre planned and streamed on YouTube for the whole world to see. The pranksters on YouTube are some of the worst human beings on the planet. One duped a poor homeless person by offering him some Oreos he’d filled with toothpaste and worse. Luckily he was prosecuted.

Flat Earthers

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Life is too short to have to deal with conspiracy theorists. The ol’ dumb flat Earther seems to think that the government, illuminati or lizard people have something to gain from making us believe the Earth is round. Sadly these crazy people like the anti vaxxers refuse to believe the truth even when the scientific facts are shoved in their face they continue to live in their sad little bubble of denial.

Making Stupid People Famous

This has been happening for a while now and it needs to stop. Usually the kind of moron you would see on a reality show and are usually ignorant dicktards who somehow have managed to survive to adulthood. Stop making them famous and stop giving them a platform because these people should be hidden away so they don’t cause any more embarrassment to humanity!

Vegan Activists


At least with environmental protestors they just hold up a sign and tell us to save the world, the vegan assholes are much, much worse and pretty much turn to terrorist tactics!

They preach on to convert the nasty old meat eaters. Pretty much shouting “look at me I need attention”. They attack businesses and farms because they think they have a right to. If that’s how you want to live your life then so be it, but don’t keep throwing it in our face. We get it, you’re a vegan now shut the f**k up and eat your pine nuts!

It’s quit hypocritical with the pro-vegans telling us how we should not be eating animals only to attend music festivals such as Glastonbury in the UK, which is held on a dairy farms land!

Oh, and another thing stop calling your veggie food names with ‘burger’ or ‘sausage’ in it and make up your own sodding food names!

Amazon Delivering Knives Without Proof of Age

Knife crime rate has risen to shocking levels over the last decade and something really needs to be done about it, but good old Amazon is quite happy to sell a knife to a random without even checking proof of age.

Billionaires Funding the Notre Dame Cathedral Restoration

No, I’m not having a go at billionaires for pledging to fund the restoration of the the fire damaged Notre Dame Cathedral. That’s some great stuff. Although it’s probably a clever scam to write off tax I’m sure! I’m having a go because with just some of their vast wealth put together they could help clear the deficit of many countries and solve world hunger instead or as well!

Gun Control in USA

This is getting tired now and nothing will ever be done about it so let’s just move the fuck on…

Young People Not Being Able to Afford a House


Baby boomers are always moaning about how easy today’s kids and millennials have it, but they’re wrong! Many decades ago you could easily buy a house for £20,000 and a car for £500. With today’s property prices and the ever growing ‘buy to let’ wankers out there lifting the prices up its almost impossible for young adults to afford a house these days. That’s unless you have very nice well off parents or grandparents that are willing to buy you or help fund your first house. It’s a sad fact that a lot of adults today will not own their own house until they inherit one when their parents die!

Rich Kids on Social Media

Rich spoilt obnoxious pricks showing off their silver spoon lifestyles because their parents are rich or celebrities. Have they earned any of this money they are flashing off?

Rich Assholes with Doomsday Plans

Even worse than rich assholes showing off their wealth are the ones who are planning on sticking around if that inevitable apocalypse happens! Just think that the only people left on earth will be the super elite c**ts of society made up of the likes of Eric Trump and Elon Musk!

Rich assholes getting away with recklessness

Does money buy you happiness? Well it certainly buys freedom and injustice. People like Trump can get away with endless cases against them from rape to tax evasion.

One of the biggest injustices was when a rich kid got away with killing multiple people with his reckless driving because his family didn’t teach him the values of money or obviously how to be a decent human being. He just got a telling off and that was that. The poor family of his victims have to live with knowing that a spoilt rich kid is still out there probably driving a flash car and getting on with his privileged life.

Basically rich assholes

Just re-read the last few points again

Fake News

It’s scary to think how easy in today’s social media fuelled society fake news spreads and even sticks!

Recently there were protests at Hyde Park in London by Extinction Rebellion and after the protests there were photos circulating that the ‘environmental’ protesters left behind a huge mess, which of course was bollocks and painted the protesters in a bad light, but these images were shared relentlessly on social media.


It’s scary how much fake news stirs things up. It swings elections and causes war! The biggest culprits of spreading this horseshit is Facebook and Twitter, but they do nothing much about it until recently after they have been getting hefty fines.

Finally…. People who eat Kit Kats as one


You must have had a Kit Kat sometime in your life. How do you eat it? Finger by finger more than likely, but there are people out there who just bite into the whole thing. Those monsters!

Have you evered thought that It’s weird how a four finger Kit Kat tastes better than a two finger Kit Kat?

Anyway…. So is the Earth worth saving? I’ll leave that up to you to decide!

Written by Jay

A caffeine-based life form with a love of the 80s and pop culture.


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