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11 Film & TV Coffee Shops You Can Visit For Real

Want to have what “she’s” having?

Want to have what “she’s” having? The world’s most notorious coffees, orgasmic and otherwise, are often only a short trip away.

Many of our favourite shows and movies revolve around the iconic coffee shops that their characters frequent, and often those coffee shops are grounded in reality. When Harry Met Sally’s most famous scene, for example, was shot at Katz’s Delicatessen in New York, and you can even locate the table where it, ahem, all happened – it now features a plaque that reads, “…hope you had what she had!”

Perhaps it’s the unique characteristics of these coffees shops that encourages shows to shoot at the real place rather than building a less lifelike alternative in the studio. That said, Seinfeld’s regular haunt – known in the show as ‘Monk’s Restaurant’ – could prove something of a disappointment: the façade is still there at 2880 Broadway, but the interiors are completely different. In fact, Seinfeld’s interiors were shot at a studio 3,000 miles away in California. Still, the Broadway interiors were atmospheric enough to inspire Suzanne Vega to pen the hit ‘Tom’s Diner’ – so a trip there is a double-bonus for fans of both Seinfeld and freak 1980s a capella hit songs.

For a more up-to-the-minute TV show coffee shop experience, it’s the season to head to upstate Washington where, at North Bend, you can still drop in to Twede’s Café for a slice of cherry pie and a damn fine coffee. Twin Peaks is finally back for a new series in 2017, so it’s a great way to get a preview of how things have changed – and beat the crowds before the cult phenomenon swells again.

Whatever your TV preference, there’s a caffeine-fuelled trip for you: be sure to check out this new infographic listing these and more famous screen coffee shops, and tip generously – you never know who’s watching!

11 Film & TV Coffee Shops You Can Visit For Real

11 Film & TV Coffee Shops You Can Visit For Real [Infographic] by the team at Darwin Escapes

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