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Realtime #Infographic – Our Mobile Phone Usage and Revenue Generated from Traffic


Our mobile phones have become rather indispensable in this modern digital age.

In the 1980s and 1990s we used our mobile phones to make phone calls and that’s about it, but today they do so much more. It’s like having a laptop in your pocket. We can do everything with our smart phones. We can send email and messages, browse the web, capture photos and video, watch TV and listen to our favourite music. Oh, and we can make phone calls too!

Check out this rather brilliant realtime data infographic from Coupon Machine which incorporates data from a number of  internet sources like searches engines, ad revenues, user statistics from social media sites such as Facebook and other mobile e-commerce sites that generate user trends or operate on user preference mode.



Presented by couponmachine

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Written by Jake

Nando's Ambassador and resident blogger for Opinion Machine & Digital Art Mix


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