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20 Crazy Questions People Ask Google

Using Google Autocomplete and their Keyword Planner tool, here’s 20 of the craziest questions people ask the world’s favourite search engine each month.

Apparently, the average person spends around 20 hours a week online, with teenagers spending as much as 27 hours a week!

It’s understandable of course, as the internet is an absolute encyclopaedia of information, with Google being at the heart of it.

So when you consider just how many searches go through Google every day, it’s unsurprising that there are some pretty strange ones out there!

And now digital marketing agency Digitaloft have produced an infographic, looking at 20 of the craziest things that people have asked the search engine.

They got their results by using Google’s autocomplete function and their keyword planner tool to find out which were the most popular, and as you might expect, there are some pretty strange responses out there, and the only conclusion we can draw is that some people just have far too much time on their hands!

For example, can you believe that almost 100,000 people decided to forgo the traditional pregnancy test and head straight to the internet to ask “Am I Pregnant?”

Or that almost 50,000 were wondering whether farting burns calories?

You check out the full list in the infographic below!

20 Of The Craziest Questions People Ask Google – An infographic by the team at

Written by James Brockbank

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