27 Really Awkward Celebrity Fan Encounters

It’s tough being a celeb, but I bet the pay’s great!

They say that you should never meet your celebrity idols in person because you may be disappointed, well now we have photographic proof to back this up.

Take a look at these 27 rather awkward and really awful celebrity fan encounters. With photos of celebs being caught off guard, celebs being bothered while they are out and about minding their own business and celebs meeting their over obssessed fans. It’s tough being a celeb, but I bet the pay’s great!

Either Nic Cage has been caught off guard by the flash or he’s just seen a flashback of his former film career!

Hungry Tom Hanks – “Is he gonna finish that”

That awkward moment Britney Spears realises how she’s dressed standing next to an obsessed fan

Lady Gaga thinking “FFS this is the 145th time today I just can’t be arsed any more!”

Kim Kardashian realising this is one photo of herself she can’t photo manipulate!

Little fan not too impressed with meeting legend Bill Murray!

Fan was totally appalled at Cheryl Tweedy’s dress for the night

Elijah Wood feels so awkward in this photo you can literally hear him screaming inside!

Guy paid $400 and this is the closest he could get to Avril Lavigne!

It’s hard to see which one is more excited, but the guy on the left looks pure manic to meet Mark Hamill!

Christopher Reeves thinking “Gee, I’ve never seen that before, douche bag!”

Leo DiCaprio getting pranked

Poor old Hugh Grant just wants to go home after his long flight

Either this fan cannot believe that she is meeting her idol or she just has no clue who Alexander Skarsgård is!

This photo revealed Robin Thicke’s roaming hands and lost him his wife in the process!

What’s with all the lip stains on that paper?

David Grohl trolls a fan

I’m not sure if this lady is happy or sad to have her personal space invaded by Anjelina Jolie

Alfonso Robeiro finally realises how annoying the ‘Carlton Dance’ is!

Norman Reedus wasn’t too impressed to be stopped at the airport, although Michael Rooker seems happy enough

Katy Perry always sticks with the ‘at arms length’ rule

That face says it all, Jack Nicholson doesn’t like this ‘Joker’ of a fan. But who did play him better?

Rihanna’s facial expression literally screams “Get me the f**k out of here!”

Guy showing photo of Keanu Reeves “Hey, homeless guy take a look, you look like Keanu Reeves”. Homeless looking guy “I am Keanu Reeves!”

Another celeb caught off guard. This time with Gerard Butler. Either that or he’s been on the booze all night!

I’m not sure who is more scared! Iggy Pop or those kids!

Argggh! All I can say is poor, poor Luke Perry!

“If you see me in person, please leave me be.” Tom Hanks

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