Seeing is Believing in 35 More Perfectly Timed Photos

The right place and right time!

You don’t have to be a professional photographer or have an expensive camera to capture the perfect moment on photo.

You just have to be in the right place and at the right time and sometimes if you are lucky you can capture something amazing. Whether it be a phenomenon of nature, optical illusion or just something damn right hilarious.

Continuing on from our previous post 35 Photographs Captured at the Right Moment, we have another great collection for you and We can now reveal that firemen are like angels and what a Rabbi might wear under his outfit!

The Wings of Desire

What the….? Oh Right!

If Impeachment Wasn’t Bad Enough For Dilma Rousseff They  Go For a Stabbing Too!

Lucky Save

Now We Know What a Rabbi Wears Under His Outfit

Julie Was Visited by the Red Riding Hood Balcony Ghost Again

Proof That Firemen Are Angels

Hello Mrs. Ostrich

Nice Legs… Wait a Minute!

The Man With Peek-a-Boo Hair

Come Here Bro, Let Me Show You Some Love!

The Magic of Water Tension

One Proud Dog

Lightning Vs Rainbow – The Ultimate Showdown

The Wo/Man With a Tree For Hair

Now For My Next Magic Trick Turning Beer Into a Towel?

When You Can Read Your Supply Teachers Mind

Bee Having the Balls To Steal the Actual Sun

Evil Robot Sea Urchin or a Row of Wind Turbines?

Wave Captured at Perfect Moment

Holy Crap! That’s well Timed

The Man Who Could Fly (Or the Man Who Can Jump at Exactly the Right Moment)

My Cat Has Been Working Out

Truck Sneakily Trying to Steal the Sun

Aladdin’s Transport for the Winter

Big Chief Running Vitamin Water


Actor Breaks the Fourth Wall

This Could Be The Most Perfect Timed Shot Ever!

Hey Mom, I’m Just Look You

Treble Clef Headphones

Tree of Light

One Hot Dog Please

Homer Only Has Eyes For Marge


Natures Beautiful, But Deadly Combo – Rainbow Lightning

And Finally… You Decide If This is Real or Not!

Written by Chico Marin

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