Zodiac Jewelry by 3D Technology

The east meeting the west

Zodiac Jewelry is making a statement of the owner’s “desire-to-be-different”, combining modernity with classics, and love of nature, turning art into fashion. Zodiac Jewelry make’s for imparting a sense of intimacy and individual personality.

The East Meeting the West

The Zodiac Jewelry Project is a special tribute in honor of Master Nguyen Tu Nghiem (Born 1922) who passed away on June 15, 2016 at the ripe old age of 94. The designs by a select group of international artist-designers are “inspired” by gouache Zodiac paintings of Master Nghiem who was hailed as one of the four “masters of Vietnamese modern art”.

Zodiac Horse Ring

Zodiac Horse Ring is structurally interconnected with a complex wire network of different thickness that provides the ring with a resilient surface tension and overall strength of structure. Artisan created a stylized horse leaving many negative spaces to explore the delicate balanced tension between positive and negative space.

Priced at $250 USD the Zodiac Horse Ring comes in silver with Black Rhodium coating ring, designed by Desmond Chan, is formed by wax-casting using 3D printing and available from size #5 (inside diameter: 15.7 mm) to size #13 (inside diameter: 21.8 mm).

You can purchase the ring here and also see more of those great designs.

Written by Desmond Chan


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