20 Creepy Snowmen from Hell

They are out to get you. Don’t have nightmares!

Winter is here and it’s time to brace the cold, venture out into the snow and make a nice jolly snowman!

But beware because a new epidemic has emerged and now the plague of the snowman is upon us. These snowman are anything, but innocent. They want your soul. They’ll stop at nothing (Except the sun!)

Take care when you are walking home on a dark snowy night. They are out to get you. Don’t have nightmares!

They’re Coming For Us Next

They Have a Taste for Torture

Zombie Snowman

Let Me In!

Oh No!

[Evil Cackle]

Give Me Back My Nose!

They’re Coming For Your Soul

Evil…. Just Pure Evil!

They’ve Got a Taste For Meat

They’ve Turned Into Cannibals

This is Gonna Piss Them Off!

They’re Evolving

Always Watching

You Destroy One and Two Takes Its Place!


The Everliving

He’s Behind You Kids, Run!


The Spindly Flaying Arms

They Are Becoming More Human!

Just Beware

See More Shit Scary Things…

Written by Mila

Decoding the million wonderful & inspiring stories within the quirky world of art, design & pop culture.


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