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37+ Totally Inappropriate and Creepy Toys For Kids

What were they thinking?

We’re pretty sure that kids would see these toys as a bit of fun because they’re innocent right? They wouldn’t see the damn right creepiness and inappropriateness of some of these crazy toys like we do.

It’s hard work coming up with new toys that kids will love. Just Look at the film ‘Big’ starring Tom Hanks. They had to actually employ a man-child to design their latest toys because they were fresh out of ideas!

Let’s take a look at this creepy collection of toys where the toy designers have just completely run out of ideas altogether. We have a Kids Russian Roulette gun, a selection of pregnant dolls and dolls that you can shave. It also includes toys with bad designing, toys that are simply lost in translation and toys that are in total bad taste such as the Hitler doll!

Kid Russian Roulette

The Pregnant Dolls

Milky – Absolutely Hours and Hours of Milking Fun!

I Can See One Major Design Flaw Here

Start Them Young

This is Wrong On So Many Levels!

Who Wouldn’t Want to Play With this Creepy AF Doll?

Baby’s First Baby (Also Available in Twins)

Helping Kids Have Fun in the Dark!

Batman Ready for Action

Really Excited Winnie

Pull Along Cock or Pussy

The Rabbit that Poops Glitter

Followed by a Game of ‘Daddy’s Going to the Chiropractor!’

The Doll with Growing Breasts!

Superman Has One Powerful C…

Let Your Kids Play with Pee & Poo

Feel it and Wait for the Police to Come Knocking

Now You Can Shave Just Like Dad

The Road Kill Cat

The Definite Christmas Toy This Year – The Hitler Doll

Be Just Like Mom with the Kids Pole Dancing Home Video

The STD Plushes


The Very Hairy Ginger Baby You Can Shave

The Kiddie Straight Jacket

God Action Figure with AK-47


They Call him ‘The Punisher’

Oh Dear Barbie!

Learn to Smoke Like Dad

Bad Taste?

The Blasphemous Robot

This Isn’t Creepy At All!

The Only Toy That Comes With a Public Indecency Charge!

Jar Jar Binks is Creepy Enough as He Is

Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!! A Creepy Looking Box That Also Eats Your Money

The Very Excitable Barbie

Whatever This is?

Everyone Know that Unicorns Hate F**kin’ Mime Artists

“… I Will Eat Your Soul”

This is Actually a Good Idea

Written by Jake

Nando's Ambassador and resident blogger for Opinion Machine & Digital Art Mix


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