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40 Hilarious Movie Title Mistranslations

Sometimes it just makes you think they’re not even trying or simply taking the p#*s!

If you were to visit your local cinema and saw that any of these films were playing. Which one would you go see?

We’ve visited mistranslations before with Sack the Translator – Hilarious Chinese Mistranslations and Ooooh! Totally Dirty Sounding Food Products. Also we’ve seen some truly awful movie posters with 30 Really Awful Movie Posters and 29 Really Awful Bootleg Move Posters, but today we take a look at some completely hilarious film title translations from around the world.

Sometimes it makes you think they’re not even trying or simply just taking the piss!

From the misleading ‘A Supertough Kangaroo’ to the film title ‘He’s a Ghost!’, which gives away the films iconic twist. The honest ‘Santa is a Pervert’ and then to the truly baffling ‘Floppy Coppers Don’t Bite’

To be honest I actually prefer some of the foreign re-titled versions, with my particular favourite being ‘Mom, I Missed the Plane!’

I’m Drunk and You’re a Prostitute

A very honest Japanese title of Leaving Las Vegas

Mom, I Missed the Plane!

Home Alone (France)

Die Hard: Mega Hard

Die Hard (Denmark)

Six Naked Pigs

The Full Monty (China)

Mr. Cat Poop

As Good as it Gets (China)

Floppy Coppers Don’t Bite

Of course it’s Dragnet! (Germany)

Son of Devil

No, it’s not a gender-swap reboot of Rosemary’s Baby it the Chinese title for Junior

The Young People Who Traverse Dimensions While Wearing Sunglasses

The Matrix (France)

Zany Son-in-Law, Zippy Grandkids, Sour Father-in-Law

Little Fockers (Thailand)

If you leave me, I delete you

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Italy)

Hey, Where Are the Babies?

Swingers (Sweden)

Dimwit Surges Forth

The rather offensive Thai title for The Waterboy

Super Power Dare Die Team

The better Chinese title for Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

American Virgin Man

No, it’s not the worst superhero name ever, it’s the Chinese title for American Pie!

Full of Nuts

Dodgeball (Germany)

One Night Big Belly

Close enough, it’s the Chinese title for Knocked-up

Super Speeding Cleaning Evil Accounts

The confusing Thai title for Drive Angry

Pigs and Diamonds

Yeah, I can see that Mexico! Snatch

Santa is a Pervert

The honest Czech title for Bad Santa

The Unbelievable Trip In A Wacky Aeroplane

The over long German title for Airplane

Excitement 1995

Totally misleading Chinese title for The Shawshank Redemption

It’s Raining Falafel

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Israel)

The Gun Died Laughing

The Naked Gun (Israel)

Satan Female Soldier

G.I Jane (Chinese)

Odd Couple, Wacky Trip, Go Together In Time for Birth

Due Date (Thailand)

A Supertough Kangaroo

WTF Spain? The Pacifier

Captain Supermarket

Onced again, no, it’s not the worst superhero name it’s the Japanse title for Army of Darkness!

17-Year Old Girl’s Medical Chart

Girl, Interupted (Japan)

His Powerful Device Makes Him Famous

Boogie Nights (China)


Grease (Argentina)

Just Send Him To University Unqualified

Risky Business (China)

Please Do Not Touch Old Women

The Producers (Italy)

The Hitman is Not as Cold as He Thought

Leon (China)

He’s a Ghost!

Totally giving away the ending and plot twist! The Chinese title for The Sixth Sense

Cat, Don’t Touch His Hat

Cat in the Hat (Croatia)

Mystery Murder in Snowy Cream

Fargo (China)

My Partner with the Cold Snout

K-9 (Germany)

The Eighth Passenger Three

Alien 3 (Israel)

The Teeth from the Sea

Jaws (France)

Written by Mila

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