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5 Inspired iPhone 6 Concepts

Not long to go now!

Every year the tech world and Apple fans go mad for a glimpse of the next iPhone.

Images, concepts and supposedly leaked photos start to appear all over the internet even as early as the day the current phone is released. Some of the concept designs that are out there we could only dream of. With only around 4 months to go before Apple do unveil their next flagship phone, let’s take a look at some of the best inspired iPhone 6 concepts out there. Apple should take note.

Federico Ciccarese

I do like this concept but I feel the front looks too similar to a Samsung Galaxy S5. This concept comes from designer Federico Ciccarese. His concepts designs come in two size versions both with edge to edge displays in sizes 4.7-inch or a whopping 5.5-inch.


The camera now sits central on the rear and also the rear of the phone has a more tapered body allowing it to be thinner along those edges.



Martin Hajek Design Version 3

There have been some supposed leek photos of the actual iPhone 6 and this design has been very much inspired by those. I really like this concept. The first couple of concepts by Hajek where very square looking but this version 3 looks curved and smart.



The rear of the phone once again is glass plated with coloured edges and the volume comes with a single rocker style button.







This concept by SVAVids is probably a bit ambitious. It comes with an amazing 5-inch, 4k Ultra Retina Display, an Apple A8 chip with 3GB of RAM and is only 5.23mm thick.


It also comes in multiple colours too like the iPod Touch and soon to be retired iPhone 5C. It also comes with a slide out second screen which seems completely unlikely!


One of the great concept features is wireless charging mode which activates when the battery runs at a critical level. I really hope this feature appears on the next phone.


Check out the video


ConceptsiPhone Design 1

Designed by Ran Avni and Simone Evangelista this iPad Air inspired concept has a massive 5.5-inch screen with a smart edge-to-edge display and stretched volume buttons.


Check out the video here


And finally

iPhone 6 Goliath

Another design by ConceptiPhone, this has a huge 5.7-inch display, includes ‘Nitelite’, a feature that illuminates the phones side bezels, logo and home button which would be pretty neat.



There is also a 13-mexapixel 3D camera, Apple A8 quad CPU and an aluminium unibody.



See the video here

Maybe all that we want is a larger screen, improved camera, improved Maps and an update to Siri and that is probably all that we may get!

Written by Jake

Nando's Ambassador and resident blogger for Opinion Machine & Digital Art Mix


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