Awesome Architecture – 16 Futurisic Looking Skyscrapers

Mmmm, Skyscraper I Love You!

Welcome to another part of our Awesome Architecture Series.

In this post we take a look at a selection of skyscrapers that are all set to be built in the near future. From the beautiful ‘Rainforest in the Sky’ by ZAS Architects to the truly magical looking ‘Hyperions’ by Vincent Callebaut. The total glass majesty of ‘Tour Triangle’ by Herzog and De Meuron and onto the planned World’s Tallest Tower ‘The Bride’ by AMBS.

Let’s take a walk amongst these stunning giants.

Krystal Laputa – 5+ Design
The Oculus – Rodrigo Carmona
S.H.E.U.R.B.V.E.R Skyscraper -Yucks Studio
Grand Tower – Magnus Kaminiarz & CIE
The Bride – AMBS Architects
Hyperions – Vincent Callebaut
Tour Triangle – Herzog and De Meuron
Oceanwide – Foster & Partners
Gran Mediterraneo – David Tajchman
Tower of Stacked Vase – Zaha Hadid Architects
Absolute Towers – MAD
Rainforest In The Sky: Rosemont Hotel & Residences – ZAS Architects
Skyler – Hollwich Kushner
Shipping Container Skyscraper – CRG Architects
Zhejiang Gate Towers – LAVA

Hanking Center Tower – Morphosis Architects

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