20 Shocking Anti-Smoking Ads

These ads are made to shock…

It’s been over a month now and I have successfully stuck to my New Year’s Resolution, which was to finally to stop smoking. I didn’t want to wuss out either by doing it the easy way and switching to e-cigerettes/vaping, I wanted to kick the habit for good!

It’s been tough, but I think I can do this. I’m saving loads of money and the most important thing to think about is the health risks. Of course you would have to be stupid tho think that smoking wasn’t bad for you, but how do we get that message across to people? As a way of enforcing my resistance to nicotine I have been busy browsing anti-smoking ads and some of them out there are very powerful.

These ads are made to shock so I hope you will think twice before lighting up that next cigarette. Take a look for yourself.

Smoke in Bar | Agency: BBH | ACT
Stop Smoking Now | Agency: McCann | Nicomild
Lung Cancer | Agency: BBDO | Don’t You Care
Ayo Fitness Club | Agency: Delantero | Let’s Fitness Club
Lungs | Agency: TBWA | WWF
Perfume | Agency: Bronx | Unimed Curitiba
Secondhand Smoke, 3 | Agency: Jung Von Matt | Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung
Third Hand Smoking | Agency: BBDO | Israel Cancer Association
Get Your Life Back, 3 | Agency: R&R Partners | Utah Department of Health
Breath by Tobacco Industry | Agency: FamiljenPangea | Non Smoking Generation
Leaves | Agency: Pagú Propaganda | Casa de Eurípedes
Tobacco Body | Agency: 358 | Cancer Society of Finland
Anti-Smoking Campaign – James Barr
Smoking Hand | Agency: 1 Point Size | Cancer Patients Aid Association
No Games for Smokers – German Ljutaev
Antismoke pack
Nonsmoking | Agency: Enviro Media | Department of State Health Services – Share Air
Shotgun | Agency: | CHI | The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
Cancer Society Of Finland III – Joni Kukkohovi
Calculates Tobacco Costs, Car | Agency: Rede Master | Tabaconomia

NHS Advert – Rebecca Eglinton

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